Knee Update and Strictly….

Fabulous too have Strictly Come Dancing back on our screens! Finally something worth watching! I love Strictly season, Saturday nights a group of us gather at my friends as we all love the show. A take away and a few drinks will feature for sure. I missed the pairing up show as i was taking it easy in Croatia 🙂 Initial thoughts…..i really like Anita, Kellie and Peter. I hope Peter does well (I`m sure he will), it will annoy his ex Katie who seems kinda obsessed with him even after all these years. I`ll be honest i`d never heard of Jeremy Vine, but what a lovely gent, he really makes me smile. He cant dance for toffee, but hey he tries hard! I would love him as one of my clients! (like thats gonna happen! lol). Katie seems nice too and she can dance! Go Anton!. I like Jay aswell, although i think i preferred his long curly locks (he had them all cut off, too smarten him up for the ball room i think.
I was glad Iwan went last night, lets face it he isn`t very good and it is a dance competition. He tried hard and did his best, but was still pants unfortunately. I was kinda glad Jamelia was in the dance off too. I just cant warm too her after her comments on Loose Women that shops should not stock plus size clothing and we should be made to feel uncomfortable when we go into a shop and cant find our size. B****. Shes also rather full of herself.

During the week i went too see `Miss you already` at the cinema. Wasn`t that a fun evening out. Not. I am being sarcastic. We were all in tears (even me who is a bit stiff upper lip at times!). Its about 2 best friends and one of them gets breast cancer. Starring Drew Barrymore. Some of my clients have said i look like a plus size Drew Barrymore! Hey i`ll take that! She has gone back to her dark hair in this film, but when she was blonder i guess they mean.

KNEE UPDATE! Plenty of rest as instructed. Progress has been slow, but its much better than when i first did it. Unfortunatley i still cant offer cowgirl or doggy positions. I have managed to kneel for 5-10 mins but then when its gets uncomfortable i will ask you too change your position. Please be understanding, or hold off on booking until i`m recovered fully.

India xxx



Monday morning offer…


I am continuing my offer on Monday mornings until 21st December 2015, 1 hour £70!!! (No hidden charges).

Offer is for Monday MORNING bookings ONLY between the hours of 9am-12.30. Booking must be started and completed within these hours. Offer only applies to 1 hour bookings.

For the 9/9.30 slot please contact me the night before. When booking please mention my special offer.

Offer runs up to and including Monday 21st December 2015.


India 🙂

x x x x x

Knee injury/ Limited services


I injured my knee on holiday, so i am having to limit services that i offer. Anything that involves me kneeling on my left knee is a no no, for example doggy and cow girl positions. Oral will also have to be given with you either standing up or you laying on the edge of the bed (it works well i have had a go 😉

I will also be limiting my bookings to an hour maximum (unless you are an understanding regular), until further notice.

Apologies for the inconvienience! There is absoloutely nothing wrong with my hands and mouth, so do not fret :p Where theres a will theres a way!

I will update my blog when i`m all better. Am hoping it wont be too long. Thankyou for your understanding!

India xxxDSCN2773[1]

Zaton Mali, Croatia hols!!!!

Just returned from a lovely 2 week break in Zaton Mali, Croatia. Zaton Mali means little bay. It was a beautiful area, very peaceful and quiet, which was how i wanted it! There was a supermarket, bus stop and about 3 restaurants within a 20 minute walk. You could walk further around the bay to Zaton Veliki for more if you desired!. No high rise hotels here!
We had a lovely appartment, that looked out over the entire bay,on the sea front. 4 steps down into the sea, perfect setting. Spent alot of time sat on the balcony, enjoying the scenery. The weather was a bit mixed, quite alot of cloudy days, some showers and even a thunder storm one night, which we sat on the balcony and watched.
We were 20 minutes drive from Dubrovnik, there was a regular bus service or taxi if you wished. We purposely wanted to be outside Dubrovnik, as it gets very busy with cruise ships coming in daily. We went into Dubrovnik 3/4 times. Its a great place to walk around, sit at a restuarant, people watch, eat and drink etc. We did a walking tour and the cable car ride (that was hair raising!). It reminded me very much of when i went too Venice, with its narrow streets. I liked it alot, although the crowds grate on you after a while, and it was heaven to retreat back to Zaton Mali.

Lots of swimming done, a lovely boat trip to the Elafiti Islands on a replica Galleon ship (great day!), a boat trip to Lokrum island, a couple of visits to Cavtat and a day trip too Montenegro. Montenegro is only an hour away and well worth a visit.

It was very good value for money, i suppose because they use the Croatian Kuna not the Euro, although as i understand it by 2019 they will switch over. So go visit while you can!

The people were very friendly, the children learn English at school so no language problems to worry about. Food was very much catered towards the tourists, pizza, pasta, meat etc. Lots of fish available, which i enjoyed! I would have preferred to try traditional Croatian cuisine, but it was not on offer where we went too.

Would i go back? Definitely! Where we stayed was perfect, the owners were adorable. The whole region is just stunningly beautiful. There are lots of places we didn`t have time too visit.

I love taking photos, so have attatched a selection. I wont bore you with all 1100+ :/ lol.

India xxx


collage zatonme collage zatonscenery collage



I am taking a well deserved break! Back to work 18th September at 09:30.

All enquiries dealt with on my return.

Love India xxx



2 years escorting!!

Wowzers! Its my 2 year Adultwork/Escorting anniversary today! Where on earth did that time go! What a ride! Thankyou too all of you who made it possible! Massive thanks to those of you who come and see me regularly! I appreciate all of you so much!

Heres to the next few years!

Love India xxx

Twitter: @IndiaBBW


Monday AM Only, 1 hour £70!!! August only…


I am running a special offer, Monday mornings throughout August 1 hour £70!!! (No hidden charges).

Offer is for Monday MORNING bookings ONLY between the hours of 9am-12.30. Booking must be started and completed within these hours. Offer only applies to 1 hour bookings.

For the 9/9.30 slot please contact me the night before. When booking please mention my special offer.

Offer runs up to and including Monday 31st August 2015.


India 🙂

x x x x x


Next Leeds Tour 20th July – 22nd July 2015!!….

Dear All,

I will be available as follows in Leeds city centre:

Monday 20th July 9am – 9pm
Tuesday 21st July 9am – 7:30pm
Wednesday 22nd July 9am – 10am only, available in Huddersfield in the afternoon.

Once again, i have a very discrete, comfortable hotel booked. Lovely power shower for you too freshen up. Its a 2 minute walk from the train station.

I look forward to seeing you there! Advanced bookings very welcome.

India xxx
X x x x x x x x x

My week….

Its been a different week for me this week. I did my first tour to Leeds. It was strange, i was a bit nervous about it, even though its not far down the track! I suppose it was working in a different environment. I needn’t have worried, my hotel was fab, large gorgeous room, very discrete, and the staff were so helpful and extremely polite i couldnt believe it! I really like Leeds, being in the city, having everything i could possibly want on my door step. On my last night, i had a lovely meal out at the Handmade Burger Company, and then a fabulous night of love making with one of my regulars. A perfect way too finish off!

On a different note….to the escort who got her clients/friends/boyfriend to ring and make a number of fake bookings, yes you, do you not think we as sex workers should support each other? Instead of tearing others down. Be happy for others success? Theres plenty of gentlemen in Leeds and enough too go around dont you think? It says alot about you, that you felt threatened by lil old me coming too Leeds for 2 days. I shan’t dwell as i very much believe in Karma.

I will next be working in Leeds on the 19th July, hope to see you there!

India xxx


Leeds tour 2nd-4th June 2015…


My first visit working in Leeds is all confirmed. I have a lovely 4 star hotel booked in the centre of Leeds, two minutes walk from the train station.

I will be available as follows:

Tuesday 2nd June 3:30-9pm

Wednesday 3rd June 9am-9pm

Thursday 4th June 9am-10am only (as checkout is 11am. I will be available in Huddersfield in the afternoon).

Prices will be as follows:

15 minutes £40

30 minutes £60

1 hour £90….

Bookings can be made in advance if you wish, or you can try on the day. I look forward to meeting some new faces!


India xxxDSCN1285

Mini Leeds Tour June 2015….


I am spreading my wings! I am planning on working in Leeds for a couple of days in June. I am just trying to find a suitable hotel that isnt key carded and is discrete. If any of you can recommend a hotel please drop me an email. I will write a new blog when dates and hotel are confirmed, so keep a look out.
If all goes well i shall do it regularly, maybe once a month or something.

Will be great to see some new faces! Exciting times!


India xxx

May bank holiday working hours…

Hello all,

I will be working as follows over the bank holiday weekend:

Saturday 2nd May 9am – 7:30pm
Sunday 3rd May N/A
Monday 4th May 9am – 3:30 (last hourly appt is 3:30).

Back to my usual working hours of 9am – 8pm Tuesday 5th May.



Big is Beautiful!…

Did anyone watch the Channel 4 programme Plus Size Wars last night…..I thought it was a really intresting watch.
I hadn’t heard of the bloggers that were in it, but have since found them on Twitter. I think its great how they are out there and showing other women that you can still look great even if you are a big girl! Tess Munster was featured in the programme, a size 22 model who is actually signed too an agency! Shes a beautiful girl, with tats and a big bum, she oozes sex appeal and confidence! She has really helped alot of young girls who have zero confidence and were bullied etc, that you can still be big and beautiful! Luckily i dont really have any body issues, i’m happy too get naked lol. Escorting does wonders for your confidence! I think as you get older you care less what people think.
I wish i had her fashion sense, i’m a bit clueless when it comes to putting outfits together and tend to stick to the same kind of boring stuff! Callie Thorpe was also featured, another big beauty!
I would love to be a plus size model, lets face it i am at my happiest parading about in my underwear 🙂 , but unfortunately being only 5ft 1″ (hey that inch makes all the difference as you well know!)…i stand no chance!!. One of the girls was 5ft 5″ and the agency said she was too short.

Its good to see that companies are realising theres always going to be larger ladies and bringing fashionable clothes to us! We had a Yours store open in Huddersfield last week, which is great. Before we only had Evans which is so dull, it really needs too gets its finger out and get with the times as there is much more nicer stuff available elsewhere!.


India xxx

Fifty Shades and other musings…

Its been a lovely week this week with a bit of work, rest and play. Well all work and no play makes…..well you know the rest!

I got to see the Fifty Shades of Grey film. My thoughts?….. I have been anticipating its release for months and couldn’t wait to see it. I read the book and was wowed. There lies the problem i think….when you read a book you imagine the characters in your head….and well frankly it played better in my head!. I wasn’t bowled over my Jamie Dornan playing Christian Grey, i love an American accent for a start, well hes Irish and was just putting it on. Maybe he is just too young for me, i much prefer the older, mature silver fox types. I wasn’t drooling over him at all…i would rather rip my regulars clothes off than his 😉 .
Dakota Johnson did a good job playing Ana. Shes a pretty, plain lass, with a kind of English Rose complexion (although shes American but you know what i mean!). Great curves (unless a body double was used i dont know). Played the innocent naive virgin role well. The whole sexual content of it didn’t really bowl me over either. I much prefer what i get up too between the sheets. My sensual, passionate GFE’s full of kissing , oral and such like! Oh yes give me that any day that have me hit so hard on the backside i cry!
Glad i saw it, mainly because of all the hype, but not bowled over. I think i enjoyed my Nandos afterwards more lol.

I got some new photos done this week thanks to a lovely client of mine. Check out my gallery on Adultwork I have hundreds to sift through so more will be added, and some for my private gallery aswell. I bought a new black dress for the shoot, not my usual style but i think its sexy, take a look and let me know! Your comments on lack of backside pics has also been noted and rectified!
I also made some naughty little movies to go on Adultwork which i know you will love! Take a look and let me know!.

An evening out Saturday found me at my favourite curry house. I really ought to move in. Great to catch up with friends, relax, giggle and eat far too much of the giant Naan breads they give you! Dont get me started on the melt in the mouth lamb….

Feedback for Adultwork…Gents if you do come to see me i’d be really grateful if you could leave me some feedback, a sentence or 2 would be adequate. It only takes a minute. I know y’all want to keep me to yourself but come on now, think of your fellow gentlemen!

Signing off and wishing you all a great week,


India xxx


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Wee, willies and washing!…

I’m just putting it out there as apparently its not obvious to everyone! You may have had a shower in the morning but if you have since had a pee you will taste of pee! Now i absolutely love giving slow prolonged sensual oral, but if i head down South and i can taste wee it totally ruins the mood and makes me feel ill! You will not get the best out of me. You will be sent to the bathroom! And again if necessary!

So when i ask you on arrival if you need to use the bathroom, please do take a few minutes give yourself a wash (with soap which is supplied!), and make sure you pull your foreskin back (if you have any!) and gently wash yourself. I’m also a massive fan of playing and sucking on balls, but not sweaty ones! So while your there give them a wash too, as they do get sweaty! Trust me! You have probably never smelt your own balls have you! Lol. Dont bother putting your clothes back on because i will be waiting to pounce when you come out! Grrrr….

Trust me…its in your best intrests to make sure you are clean down below, you will get much more prolonged attention! In fact you may even ask if we can move on to something else as i do get carried away!

Rant over,

India 🙂

Working Sunday 1st Feb…

Hello Gentlemen,

I will be working Sunday 1st of February. I dont usually work Sundays so if Sunday is your only available day then come and have a sensual, passionate GFE with a sexy, gorgeous BBW.

10am – 6pmish.

Calls only please, texts and witheld numbers ignored,

India xxx

The Theory of Everything…

Had a lovely day off catching up with friends and family and a delicious meal at Nando’s. I do love them!.

Went to see The Theory of Everything at the cinema which is Stephen Hawking’s life story. It stars Eddie Redmayne as Stephen and Felicity Jones as his wife Jane. I cant tell you how much i loved this film! It was so intresting seeing him as a young twenty something student at Cambridge, a genius of man! Meeting Jane, falling in love and then very quickly how he is diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease just after his 21st birthday. He was given 2 years to live but is 72 years old now!. Being trapped in his own mind, not being able to walk or talk. Thank goodness they were able to get him some kind of computer so he could communicate and he could still continue his work. Such an amazing man, such courage and such a sense of humour! Inspiring and heartwarming. The chemistry between the 2 leads was brilliant. Eddie deserves an award for his portrayal of Stephen. I believe he is nominated. A must see movie for me 10/10.

Back to work tomorrow and raring to go 🙂

India xxx