A date with a difference!….

I was recently asked if i would accompany a gentleman of mine, James, to an afternoon Birds of Prey Experience, followed by an overnight. With a love for owls in particular i did not hesitate! The setting was gorgeous, surrounded by green rolling hills. The experience was just James and i and a handler, so very personal. We were shown around the enclosures and introduced to around 30 plus different species of Birds of Prey including a Harris Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, American Kestrel, a Merlin, Snowy owl, Long eared owl and a European Eagle owl. All the different owls were just stunning. I thought i would be more interested in the owls, but actually i have a new found love and respect for all the birds. We were lucky enough to fly a Barn owl, African Eagle owl, Kestrel, Red Kite and even a Vulture! I can`t explain how amazing it feels to be so close so them and how it feels when they are flying towards your gloved hand! A brilliant experience that i will never forget.

Back to a lovely hotel where i thanked James in my own special way for inviting me on such a great date 😉 A delicious dinner was had in the pub next door. Being a classy bird that i am, i opted for the Trio of local sausage, mash, onion gravy and veg. I kid ye not they were the best sausages i have ever tasted! Working out a £5 a sausage so they should be! lol. Dessert was a Sticky Toffee pudding to share. It was Masterchef standard! So light and fluffy! We then retired back to the room for…………..well i`ll leave that to your imagination! The next morning i was fed and watered with a full English and driven safely home. James left with a huge smile and a spring in his step! Thankyou for inviting me! xxx

Filey trip!…

Just back from another break to Filey. I just love it there. Always find something new to do. This time we did a private tour of the Sealife Centre at Scarborough, which was pretty cool being the only people in there! Great to see all the different fish and animals. The experience also included going to the Seal hospital and feeding the seals which was great fun! Nice walk from the Sealife along Scarborough front. I love all the coloured beach huts.

We also went to Filey Bird and Animal Garden which is a brilliant little place. There were only a few couples wandering around so even better! I thought it would be over run with kids. I loved seeing all the different birds and animals. You could buy animal feed for 50p and feed the Goats, Sheep and Shetland Ponies. It was so tickly when they licked your hand! There was a greedy goat who snatched the entire bag of feed! lol. Must of seen us coming! I love anything that`s hands on like it was, i am a bit of a kid sometimes! They had gorgeous gardens to wander around too. I loved it!

Did lots of walking along the cliff top, the views are just stunning. I don`t mind walking with a view like that! Walked all the way along into Filey seafront one day, then sat and had a delicious lunch looking out to sea!

Went to Reighton Beach one day which was gorgeous, 5 miles of sandy beach. It was lovely and clean, although the cafe worker was saying how dirty it is in the height of summer with people dumping there rubbish and burying there barbecues! gross! There werent too many people there either, perfect!

Tried out an Italian restaurant that i`ve not been to before. The Calzone was lovely, if a little huge! And the Greeter was actually Italian, unusual these days! Obligatory Fish and Chips were also consumed and a curry too! Good job i walked alot! The weather was pretty good too, a few showers but it didn`t spoil our plans.

Had such a good time, unfortunately i bought a cold back with me. Apologies to those who i hav`nt been able to see and whose calls i have missed. I`m worth waiting for trust me! Feeling better today.

Hopefully i might get to Filey next year, although i am planning a trip abroad next year.

India Rose xxx


Whitby Regatta and other musings…

I trotted off to Whitby for the Regatta yesterday. The weather was kind! Dry with some clouds, ill take that! A leisurely lunch was had at the Fishermans Wife. Delicious food, comfy seats and a view to die for! Thankyou very much! It was winner of the Best Fish and Chips in Whitby 2017, thats got to be a good sign i thought, and it was! Went up to the Abbey and had a mooch around. Lovely views from up there and i love the little garden you can walk around. There was no-one else in there so it was lovely and peaceful! Whitby town was especially packed with the Regatta being on. An ice cream had, its got to be a 99 with a flake in a tub for me! A wonder round, there were street performers including morris dancers of all things! I saw in the distance the North Yorks Birds of Prey stand, being an owl lover i made a be-line for it! Lots of `Ooohing` and `Ahhhing` followed! I was lucky enough to be able to hold Mrs Robinson, a European Eagle Owl, she was a beauty with a 6ft wing span and weighing in at 9lbs. She had the most amazing orange eyes.I have some pics but as i wasn`t wearing makeup i didn`t want to frighten ya`ll by posting them! You can see Mrs R in my collage below. A lovely day had!

Speaking of lovely things….i had a lovely overnight recently. I was taken to a lovely hotel out in the country. Wined on the terrace (well ok Vodka and Redbull for me!) with gorgeous views, a lovely meal had in a little pub. Then a lovely night (and morning 😉 ) of love making. I was ready for my full English in the morning! I was really well looked after and safely delivered home in the morning. The perfect gent!

Did anyone go to the Saxophone Massive event at The Piece Hall in Halifax? It was to celebrate its re-opening after its renovation. That was also a great night, although getting rained on not so much but hey-ho. The saxophones sounded brilliant! Got me thinking why cant i play an instrument! The players were all ages from 6yrs to sixty odd! I don`t know how the younger ones managed to hold the instrument!

I will be OFF Sept 7th to 11th. Back on the 12th available from 12….

India Rose xxxx

Short break to Filey May 2017…

Just returned from a long weekend at Filey, we stayed at the same place as last year. The weather was pretty kind to us! The first 2 days were blue skies with a breeze, then dry but grey skies with a stronger breeze! Cobwebs most definitely blown away! Frankly i’m just grateful it didn’t pour the entire time!

We went up to Bemptom Cliffs Nature reserve, home to 250,000 seabirds. It really was quite a sight, i found it fascinating! I didn’t manage to see any Puffins, despite using binoculars! Although from the chatter i heard from others there were a few there. Did you know Puffins are the size of Pigeons, so not as big as you probably think. Hence why they are harder to spot!.

Went to Bridlington, mainly to see the kite festival. Was a nice spectacle to watch, nice to see all the children getting there first kite flying lesson with ‘Dad’. Not my fave place, but nice to tick off the list. I much prefer Filey.

Plenty of walking done along the cliff tops, lots of photos taken (zoom in on my pic to see all the birds on the cliff at Bempton), such stunning views! I just love being by the sea, watching the waves crash against the rocks.

Some good food eaten! Fish and Chips of course! Some of you recommended Inghams, it went down well! Also a delicious Indian meal at Monsoon as a birthday treat (not mine, although mine is coming up if you would like to treat me, have a look at my wishlist https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/27BT3LBO8455O/ref=cm_wl_sortbar_o_page_1

Underwear vouchers also gratefully received! I like to buy it from Curvissa or Simply Be, sizing varies so i like to choose myself to get the best fit).

Got through some Dvd’s in the evenings, enjoyed all of them actually. Sully, Miracle on the Hudson, definitely worth a watch. Tom Hanks is ace. Still Alice, about a lady who gets Dementia in her forties. Sad but interesting, not for everyone though. Me before you, a love story, really good but sad too. Finally A Streetcat named Bob, seen it before, i enjoy it!

Highlight of the trip? I really loved Bempton cliffs, but then i also loved the cliff top walks, beach and fab scenery. Until next year…..

India xxx

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Be our guest, be our guest, be our guesstt!

Hope you are all well! I’m doing well too thanks for asking!

Those of you who know me well know i love going to the theatre. The latest show i saw was Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, not to be confused with Lord of the Dance. This was some kind of re-vamp. I was kind of expecting the old style Riverdance and Lord of the Dance type thing, you know the amazing Irish dancing and there feet going 19 to the dozen! I was incredibly disapointed! It was all very random! Men dressed up as robots, women dancing seductively, ripping off there dresses and prancing around in there underwear (ok so the men did cheer at that bit). The men also ripped off there vests (i felt like i was at a Chippendales show, not that i would know what thats like) 🙂 All done to a back drop of Unicorns, rainbows, green fields complete with a stream and some silly storyline. We did manage to stay till the end, in the hope it might get better, but it didn’t!. The little bit of Irish dancing they did was excellent, there just wasnt anywhere near enough! On the plus side the main male dancer was rather cute, and could certainly move his feet! Between you and me i use to have a crush on Michael Flatley, i saw him years ago in Lord of the Dance, you cant knock his feet, although god knows what he was thinking when he wrote this show! A delicious curry compensated, when in Bradford it would be rude not to i say!

I also went to see Beauty and the Beast (at the cinema). Although i couldnt help but think it would be amazing live on stage at the West End! Emma was great, she had such a lovely voice and is a great actress. All the songs were brilliant. I rather loved the Beast aswell! That deep voice and those piercing eyes! Really well made and funny in parts too. If you can put up with a cinema full of kids i’d recommend it! Or go to an evening viewing! I’d definitely like to watch it again when it comes out on DVD.

Just a heads up ill be off for Easter for the whole 4 days.

Ciao for now,

India xxx

Happy New Year!!…

Happy new year to all! Hope you had a good Christmas and new year! I’m very much looking forward to 2017, for what it may hold, and for who it may bring! Regulars or newbies! Those gentlemen that keep having a look at my profile but haven’t quite plucked up the courage to call me 😉 C’mon, take some time to read my feedback and reports, you will not be disappointed! I can calm even the most nervous, quivering, shaking like a leaf gentlemen! Lol.

See you soon!

India xxx

Oh come on Santa i’ve not been that bad! ;))

I’ll be off the 25th to the 28th December.

29th December 9am – 6.30pm

30th December 9am – 6.30pm

31st December 9am – 5pm

1st January 2017 OFF

2nd January 9am -6.30…. (Back to normal!)….

Happy Christmas to all! See you soon!

India Rose xxx

Sunny Manchester Christmas break!..

I had a few days off this week and went to sunny Manchester! Actually it rained pretty much the entire time! There seems to be a theme developing as when i went a few years back it rained too, and i’m not talking a bit of drizzle! Luckily one was prepared this time! The little wooden huts selling Mulled wine etc at the Christmas market were a god send and make a good place to shelter! I love the Christmas markets. So much nicer to go during the week, as on a weekend its so packed your like sardines! (lesson learnt from last time!). We had a lovely hotel too. It had a smell of luxury just from entering inside! Huge Christmas tree in reception, which gets replaced i’m told halfway through December. The staff were so nice and helpful! (most unusual!). Lovely buffet breakfast too. Christmas shopping finished off check!

I’m working right up to the 24th December till about 2pm, so pop in!

Happy Christmas!

Love India xxx

December days off 2016!..


Please note i will be off on the following days:

Saturday 3rd December

Saturday 10th December (Only available 2pm-6.30pm).

Monday 12th December

Tuesday 13th December

24th December – I will be finishing at 1pm, and will be back to work Thursday 29th December at 9am.

31st December – Finishing at 4pm. Off New years day, then back to normal hours 2nd January.

India xxx

Short break to Filey!…

Just back from a short break to Filey. We arrived in the afternoon and there was a couple of short down pours, then it turned into a lovely evening! Perfect for an evening cliff top stroll. Then the next 3 days were hot and sunny with beautiful blue skies! I know! I couldn’t believe it either! I’d packed wellies and long sleeve tops, thinking it would be grey and blowing a gale, and it was quite the opposite! Had to buy a hat and suncream! My poor face is sunburnt under all my makeup! Lovely not to have to set an alarm and have a cooked breakfast every morning! Lots of seafront and cliff top walks, drinks and ice creams stops! Caught a bus into Scarborough, i much preferred it down at the North Bay away from the arcades. Beautiful beach. People were very friendly too! Although that might be because we had a dog with us, she loved playing on the beach and having a dip! The number of times we were stopped for a natter and dog petting requests lol.

My favourite part of the holiday was doing the cliff top walk from where we were based to Filey beach, which i believe is about 2.5 miles. Although doing it on the hottest day of the year it felt about 4 miles! The scenery is just stunning! I really had never realised just how beautiful an area this is! I have some gorgeous photos, you could easily think they were taken in Greece or somewhere! Not good ol’ Filey! In future i will not turn my nose up at East Coast holidays! I feel a yearly ritual coming on! I am a creature of habit after all!

Until next time,

India Rose xxx


Strictly’s back!….

So glad to have Strictly back on our screens! If you have read my previous blogs you will know I really enjoy the show and have a Saturday night ritual of a get together with friends, food and a drink or two.

I’ll be honest when I first saw the line up, I did think oh dear and was not really impressed. However having watched the pairing up show and getting to know them a little, I have warmed to them!

Tameka was so funny, she has a great personality! I suspect she has good rhythm too. It was difficult in the group dance to spot them all so I can’t be sure! I think Judge Rinder is going to be quite a character too. I don’t know why but I have a feeling he’s going to be really bad at dancing…sorry Judge!. I think Will is going to be good at the ballroom, and I caught a glimpse of Ore in the group dance, I think he will be good! I thought I was short at 5ft, Claudia the gymnast is 4ft 7″!! I would imagine she would be very graceful and have good arms! Ed Balls, what can I say, apart from he really looks like my Dad. Random but true.

Who do I think will go far? Louise, Laura, Claudia, Ore and Melvin. That’s my prediction, let’s see if I’m even close!


India Rose xxx

Bank holiday hours!..


I shall be working as follows over the bank holiday weekend:

Friday 26th August 9am-7pm

Saturday 27th August 9am -6pm

Sunday 28th August N/A

Monday 29th August 9am-6.30

See you there!

India Rose xxx

August 2016 offer 1 hour £80!!

My 3 year escorting anniversary is coming up this week, so as a thankyou to all my customers i will be running an offer through till August 31st 1 hour for £80!.

My Monday morning offer is still running alongside this one.

Thankyou to all of you who come and see me regularly, and to those who are still pondering a visit, go on! treat yourself!

India xxx

Billy Elliot!….

I had an afternoon and evening off this week as we had tickets for Billy Elliot at the Alhambra, Bradford. Not my choice of show, but sometimes one must think of others!. We had a delicious meal at a curry house in Bradford before the show. Then off to the theatre. We sat in the stalls as there is plenty of leg room! I have previously sat in the Dress circle, and my knees were touching the seat in front of me, and I’ve only got short legs! No such problem in the stalls!.

I can’t knock the show! They were all great, some laugh out loud moments. Billy in particular was brilliant. On the night we went he was played by Adam Abbou, although I understand there are 4 of them who play the role. What a talent, and only 13. I couldn’t help thinking how proud his parents must be. I bet he has an awesome career in the West End ahead of him! Standing ovation for them all at the end.

Yet another bag found its way into my possession from the merchandise stall, rude not too I say! 🙂

A lovely evening had, and nice to have a bit of time off.

On another note, a big thankyou and kisses for all my birthday tips and presents!

India xxx


Working Sunday 22nd May 2016!…

Just a heads up that i will be working this Sunday 09.30-6.30, as i don`t often work them.

Hope to see some of you there!

Don`t forget to check out my birthday wishlist on my previous blog!



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