Weight loss, Seals and Strictly!…

Been a busy bee of late! It seems its that time of year when newbies treat themselves to some fun! And why not!

I was asked to accompany a gentleman of mine James to visit Donna Nook Grey Seal Colony in Lincolnshire. The seals come every year to give birth, mate again, then waddle off back to sea, before returning the same time next year. For wildlife lovers its a sight to behold! There`s literally just a little wooden fence separating you from the seals, so you get so close to them! When we went there was around 700 bulls (males), 1590 cows (females) and 1690 odd pups! Amazing to see! I got some lovely pictures. A lovely meal and overnight followed before a leisurely drive home the next morning, singing along to Abba and Elton John!

Recently i also went to see Tango Moderno at the Alhambra in Bradford. It was suppose to be with ex Strictly stars Vincent and Flavia, although unfortunately on the night we went Vincent had hurt his back so couldn`t perform. That was really disappointing. A good show nonetheless! A delicious meal at Akbars softened the blow! I do love a curry! Speaking of Strictly….i have been enjoying the series. Debbie is just brilliant! I really enjoy watching Gemma and Mollie to. I would like to see an all girl final! Alexandra is a great dancer but does not come across very genuine.

Weight loss!….I have lost rather a lot of weight since July, two and a half stone to be precise and gone down three dress sizes so far. Don`t worry for those of you who like big girls, i still have a big breasts, belly and butt! I`m getting ready for my holiday abroad next year so i want to look good! I`m feeling sexier than ever! I have attached a recent pic of me to this blog. I will get some new photos done when i get to a size 16 next year. How have i done it i hear you ask?! Actually one of my customers recommended a Hypnotherapist he used to stop himself smoking and eating chocolate, so i got the details and booked myself in. It worked straight away and i felt like a different person when i came out the session an hour later! I had three sessions in total, best money i ever spent!.

Till next time,

India xxx