Strictly Come Dancing……

strictly dancing

My beloved Strictly come dancing is over for another year! With a fabulous final last night where Abbey was declared the winner!. She is a brilliant dancer but so is Natalie too. I do think it comes down to partly popularity as well.

I personally loved Sophie and was voting for her to win, she is so graceful and incredibly modest, and has really improved throughout the series. I also liked Susanna, although I don’t think she was a strong a dancer as the others.

My favourite dances were Sophies Charleston, Patrick`s Charleston and Natalies Viennese Waltz. I loved Halloween week where they go to town on hair, makeup and costumes.

Saturday nights will never be the same!!!! Well until next September when it starts again 🙂 I must be more organised next year and try and get tickets to the live tour xxx

London tour January 2014..

I am doing my first working visit to London! I will be travelling to London Sunday 5th January, i will be available for bookings Sunday afternoon and evening and Monday 6th. Please email or call to discuss your requirements.

Look forward to meeting some new BBW lovers,

Kisses and cuddles,

India xxx

Graduating as an escort….

For the first time ever this week i wore stockings and suspenders as it was requested. I usually wear either a babydoll chemise or a pretty matching bra and knickers set.

Well from putting them on i totally felt the part! They made me feel incredibly sexy, desirable and an official escort! I didn`t wear knickers with them as i cant do with all the unclipping. Keeping them on the whole time, i felt totally hot (in a good way!). I loved the feeling of the stockings wrapped around my clients body. Quite a turn on! Stockings are the way to go! Who knew stockings and suspenders would have this effect! I need to get some more colours!

Its been 5 months since i started escorting, and suddenly i don`t feel like a newbie anymore 🙂image

Kisses and cuddles,

India xxx