Hope you are all having a great week,



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End of a great week…

owl 1

I have had a great week this week, full of awesome, sexy, sensual meets with new clients and my lovely regulars. Plenty of oral both ways which I love.

I don’t work Sundays, unless asked very nicely. So this Sunday I went to the White Rose Centre for a browse and a nice lunch at Frankie and Bennys.

Then the greatest thing happened, there was a stand at the White Rose with owls! Real ones! And you could hold them! So I did! I love owls, so it was amazing for me! I was giddy with excitement! I have some lovely pics of me with `Rolo` the owl, but I cant show you as I`m not wearing makeup (hey it was Sunday my day off! my skin needs to breathe). So the photo attatched is Rolo who I held and stroked.

Thankyou for all your custom, its so appreciated,

Big Kisses,

India xxxxx

Service Dogs…

guide dog pic


I took this pic of this guide dog in the bank the other day. He is so gorgeous, i couldnt help but bend down and stroke him. His tail went nineteen to the dozen. I think they can tell by the tone of your voice that your an animal lover. I read online afterwards that i shouldn’t have distracted him as he was working, but i think it was ok because the owner was at the counter talking to the cashier, so its not like i did it when he was just about to cross a road 🙂 .

I think these service dogs do such an amazing job! I like watching them on the airport security programmes where they can sniff out even the smallest amount of drugs, its so clever!.

Some people are cat or dog lovers, but i personally love both. I love all animals really. I find they are great listeners :p