A doctor for my birthday!? Hell yes!!…

I had a lovely birthday this week! I got my very own Doctor! A paediatrician to be exact! I dont know why but i was so in awe of this person! What a wicked rewarding job! It takes someone very special to do that job. I think its ace, puts me to shame really :p
I found it a massive turn on. Very cute, such a gentlemen, Happy bludy birthday to me i thought!
So after the doctor had given me a once over, i got ready to go out for the evening. Had a few drinks (vodka redbull of course), some fab presents and then went for a lovely Mexican meal in town. Delicious! A great time had by us all!


India xxx


Corsets, tooth extraction and my birthday!

I have been having a problem with toothache for weeks. I get really nervous at the dentist so have been putting off going. I did see an emergency dentist at the hospital a few weeks ago, but the pain continued. Finally i could stand the pain and sleep deprivation no more and had another emergency appointment today. The dentist decided to remove the bloomin tooth. My whole body was shaking with fear over having the procedure. I had a tooth out when i was about 13 so i could have braces, and they knocked me out with gas for that, but i’m an adult now! I told the dentist i was concerned about when my friend had a tooth out it took 20 minutes to pull it out, and that the dentist had apologised said she should have gone to hospital and been knocked out for it! He tried to reassure me! Ugh. The nurse was very sweet, wiping my face with a cold compress, awww. Anyway i survived! I’m so relieved its over! and the pain too touchwood. I couldnt wait to get out of there! Luckily it was my last tooth right at the back of my mouth so not visible, i can still smile! I was meant to be going out on the town this evening, but i am shattered from sleepless nights, so a cosy one in instead watching the Masterchef Final!
Next week is my birthday so i am glad its sorted for then. I dont want it to ruin my plans!.

On a brighter note, the weather is gorgeous, and set to last for the weekend i think!

I have finally ordered a corset for myself, handmade, so will take a while to be ready. I dont have one, so figured its about time i got one sorted, and give my lovelies a treat! Keep an eye out for new pictures 🙂

Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

India xxx