A hot week, weather & work wise ;)

Its been a great week work wise, i have met some lovely new people who i hope will return, and of course seeing my regular clients is always brilliant. I wonder if the heat makes you all want to come out and play more!? 🙂

Went to the cinema to see The fault in our stars. If you fancy crying your heart out then go see it! Lol.

Took a trip up to Scammonden for some fresh air and a wander. Very scenic up there.

Thankyou all for your custom, i dont take any of you for granted. I know theres alot of competition out there.

Have a great week,

India xxx


Le Grand Depart!!!…

le tour colage

I have had a great weekend going to see the Tour de France pass through. Got up incredibly early yesterday to catch the train to Leeds. Luckily it was busy but not horrendous, i think we were lucky going so early, still managed to get a seat on the train. Coffee shop and a croissant to keep us going. Then we walked up to the Headrow to find a suitable spot to watch it from. I was adamant that i wanted to be front row, hell i did not get up this early to not get the best view possible! We walked along the Headrow till we found a suitable spot, and there we stood for just over 3 hours lol. We daren`t move and lose our spot!. There was a great atmosphere, it soon filled up with people getting very up close and personal! I cant tell you how many times the woman behind me touched my butt, trying to edge herself towards the front. Ermmm….no luv get here early like we have lol.
Lots of cheering as the publicity caravans came through, throwing things out to the crowd like Yorkshire teabags and Haribo sweets etc. I was thinking the caravans would be like `floats` that you get at carnivals, but most of them were just publicity vehicles.
The Gendarmerie (French police) got big whoops when they went past. Finally the cyclists came and the crowd errupted! It was amazing, i managed to make a short video of them passing and a few pictures, but it really was over very quickly! Great to be part of it, as it may well not happen again. I think the Yorkshire people were awesome turning out in there droves!
There was a big screen up in the main street so you could continue watching the race.
We had a bit of a wander in Leeds, a must visit to my favourite store Pandora. Then lunch at Giraffe in the Trinity Centre. I havn`t eaten there before. We all enjoyed our food, although i thought it was a bit over priced, i may just be a bit tight though 🙂
Headed back to the train station and it was busy as you would expect. I had to stand up on the train. Ugh i hate that. It was in first class though 🙂 Luckily a kind young lady gave up her seat for my disabled friend, bless her. A great day had!
Then today (Sunday), we headed into Huddersfield, at a more leisurely pace, as we had already seen it yesterday. St Georges square was packed with people, food stalls and a big screen to watch all the action. We opted for some food from an Indian stall, my fave, it was delicious. Nice atmosphere, tables and chairs had been laid out and the sun was shining! i know! My cute lil button nose looks a bit red this evening lol. We watched the bikes pass again to massive cheers, and then headed home, stopping for an ice cream as you do, too `let the crowds pass`.
Fabulous weekend had, i am so glad we went and that it started in Yorkshire.

India xxx