Happy 1 year anniversary too me!

Hi all,

Well its a year today since i joined Adultwork and entered into the world of escorting! It has absolutely flown by!
I remember my very first client, was for a foot fetish. I was nervous as hell and so was he which made me feel alot better! A lovely guy, who still comes to see me now.
I didnt know how things would pan out for me, or if i would carry on doing it. I originally had decided on a 6 month trial period, but a year on i’m still going! I very much stick to my original principals, that i only do things i enjoy. If you have read my profile i’m very much into slow, sensual, sexy GFE’s with lots of kissing, cuddling, RO and some penetration at the end for good measure! I think if you do things you dont like, it comes across, i dont try to be a ‘jack of all trades’ so to speak.

Why did i start escorting? Well it wasnt planned. I had been working in an office job for the same company for 5.5 years. I ended up getting sacked for a ridiculous reason, so found myself unemployed. After being sacked its hard to get back into work. Anyway i read a story in a magazine about a guy who was escorting, there was a picture of him and you could just make out the words Adultwork on his pc, so i decided to investigate. He wasnt particularly good looking, so i thought heck if he can do it so can i! So off i went. My own website followed in September 2013.
At the moment i am saving for a house deposit, something i could never have done on my office worker wages.
Its been a great year, i have met so many lovely people and had some amazing sex! Hee hee! I’m lucky that a high percentage of my clients return to me, which is brilliant!
Any regrets? Only that i wish i had started escorting 10 years ago, so i could have my own little house by now with a persian cat and a dog or two.
Thankyou to all of you who have made it a great year. To my regulars, i appreciate you so much!
Hugs and kisses,
India xxx