Waking up wet…..whats a girl to do!?…..

I had a rather naughty dream the other day, and thought it very rude of me not to share with you all! Its a bit random, as dreams sometimes are! I was laying in bed under the covers, there was a man beside me. I was incredibly horny but it was like i was invisible to him, he had no intrest in me (who would have thought it!). So i discretely moved my hand down between my legs and was having a lovely little play, he was oblivious to this, when another man entered the room, so i stopped what i was doing. As for some reason i didnt want him to know i was horny. We talked and i tried not to let it show how desperite i was to cum. I left with him, naked, no word to him about all the juices flowing between my legs…and there was alot! And then i woke up! Told you it was random!
So then i really put my hand down between my legs to see if i was indeed wet and i was not disappointed! So i had a play with myself, not something i do that often now as i leave it too all you lovely gents! Mmmmm…..to take me over the edge i thought about one of my recent clients who i particularly enjoyed making love too. He was on top of me gently grinding away, kissing my lips….and then (in real life) i had the most delicious orgasm! Mmmmmm….damn i’m turning myself on writing this! Hee hee!

Cold shower time!

India xxx

My 1st Sploshing booking!

An intresting weekend had! I was introduced to Sploshing, which involved me and my lovely client getting covered in custard, trifle, syrup and squirty cream!! Rubbing it all over each other, slipping and sliding all over the place lots of giggling whilst trying to give a bj lol.

I finally got round to making a private album on Adultwork as the pictures are too good to keep to myself! So if you would like to see alot more of me, then have a look!

I’m thinking i need to invest in a plastic bed sheet hmmmm…..



17 weeks till Christmas!

Hello Gentlemen,

Here we are into September and Christmas will soon be here lol. I hope you are all keeping well, and have had nice holidays for those of you who have been away.

I will be working the next 3 weekends both days, so for those of you who can only make it on weekends and fancy a nice sensual GFE with a sexy, sweet BBW now is your chance!

The twelfth series of Strictly come dancing starts on Sunday! I’m a massive fan of the show, so cant wait for it to start. No appointments or calls after 8pm please :p
The line up has been announced, some people i have never heard of, but there is some i am looking forward to seeing. Alison Hammond in particular doing it for us BBW’s, i have a feeling she is going to have great rhythm and big personality. Looking forward to seeing Pixie Lott too.


India xxx