A relaxing day off had…

I had a relaxing day off yesterday. A trip to Leeds was in order to spend some time with friends. A bit of shopping (window for me!), yes i was very good, no new handbags or shoes! I know i cant believe it either! My house deposit must come first! A delicious lunch at Nandos. I do love a Nandos, you always know what your getting and are never disappointed. A visit to Hotel Chocolate (no explanation needed!). Pandora of course, again window shopping only! Boo!.

Home intime for my beloved Strictly Come Dancing! I am missing Bruce to be honest, i know some of his jokes were corny, but well hes a legend. I do like Claudia, shes very quirky and funny, but i do feel something or someone is missing. It was week 5 and Thom got sent home. I am really disappointed, as he was slowly improving and growing in confidence each week. Scott or Judy definitely should have gone home. They are both awful, and it is a dancing competition not a popularity contest! Well isnt suppose to be!. When Scott did the Samba dressed as a crab a few weeks ago it was cringeworthy! Why is he still in it!
I am loving watching Frankie, Pixie, Caroline and Jake. Jake is so modest, and is really good, who would have thought it! Sunetra and Steve seem to be slowly improving each week which is lovely to see. What is it with good looking guys that have zero personality! Take Simon and Thom for example. Both easy on the eye, but nothing up top! 🙂

Although i enjoyed my day off, i do miss my work and am dying to get back to it! Roll on this week! Have a great week everyone!

India xxx

P.S Check out the pic on this blog, it just tickled me….i know i know….simple things 🙂


New pictures!…

I recently had a photoshoot done as i desperitely needed some new pics. One of my clients very kindly offered to photograph me. I know it was difficult for him, having a sexy, gorgeous curvy young thing parading around in her underwear for hours! The pictures are all very natural, no editing, which is what i wanted. Check out my gallery, and to see even more of me have a look on Adultwork in my private gallery (theres a link to Adultwork in my FAQ’s).
I’m really pleased with how the pictures came out, and he was more than pleased with my way of saying thankyou hee hee 🙂


India xxx