My vibrator and Mr Grey….

I have had my vibrator laying around for a few months. Toys are really not my thing (or so i thought!). Originally i had bought it for when i got some photos taken a few months ago, but we never got round to using it. Do not fear, hopefully on my next photo shoot it will feature!.
Anyway on Monday i decided to start reading Fifty Shades of Grey (its now Thursday and i have finished it already!). I’m not a reader and all, well not books anyway, but i couldn’t put it down!. Sexy Mr Christian Grey, who doesnt even need to speak, he just looks at women and they melt! My imagination has been running wild (thats where my vibrator comes in!). Imagining him in my mind, good looking, confident (confidence is such a turn on), smelling divine (smell hugely turns me on!). I have been even more turned on than usual this week……i know i didnt think that was possible either! Hee hee!. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the sex scenes lol, well the making love scenes, although Mr Grey says he doesn’t make love, he f***s. The more kinkier shenanigans that went on for example with riding crops, belts and more extreme things are really not for me! Although i could see myself being a bit of a dominator, but not the other way round! Being told what to do, what to wear, when to eat etc, oh no i really couldnt! So i decided to give my pink vibrator a chance…..its not so scary after all! Even the 8 different speed settings! I tried them all……several times!! During the week we have got to know each other very well! She has been absolutely covered in my juices! I couldnt believe the amount! But then those of you who know me intimately know that i do get very….very….wet indeed!. She (i refer to my vibe as a she) had the desired effect and did not let me down! Shes the perfect size for me…….she slipped in and out with great ease….making me feel full…..she felt great on my clit and gave me some amazing, intense orgasms! For that i thank her! 😉

By pure coincidence i had a gentlemen call me today asking if i could spank him. I was tempted! However i would prefer to practice on one of my regulars. So listen up Regulars! If you fancy going across my knee and helping me release my inner dominant self, then speak now or forever hold your peace! 🙂

India xxx