Fifty Shades and other musings…

Its been a lovely week this week with a bit of work, rest and play. Well all work and no play makes…..well you know the rest!

I got to see the Fifty Shades of Grey film. My thoughts?….. I have been anticipating its release for months and couldn’t wait to see it. I read the book and was wowed. There lies the problem i think….when you read a book you imagine the characters in your head….and well frankly it played better in my head!. I wasn’t bowled over my Jamie Dornan playing Christian Grey, i love an American accent for a start, well hes Irish and was just putting it on. Maybe he is just too young for me, i much prefer the older, mature silver fox types. I wasn’t drooling over him at all…i would rather rip my regulars clothes off than his 😉 .
Dakota Johnson did a good job playing Ana. Shes a pretty, plain lass, with a kind of English Rose complexion (although shes American but you know what i mean!). Great curves (unless a body double was used i dont know). Played the innocent naive virgin role well. The whole sexual content of it didn’t really bowl me over either. I much prefer what i get up too between the sheets. My sensual, passionate GFE’s full of kissing , oral and such like! Oh yes give me that any day that have me hit so hard on the backside i cry!
Glad i saw it, mainly because of all the hype, but not bowled over. I think i enjoyed my Nandos afterwards more lol.

I got some new photos done this week thanks to a lovely client of mine. Check out my gallery on Adultwork I have hundreds to sift through so more will be added, and some for my private gallery aswell. I bought a new black dress for the shoot, not my usual style but i think its sexy, take a look and let me know! Your comments on lack of backside pics has also been noted and rectified!
I also made some naughty little movies to go on Adultwork which i know you will love! Take a look and let me know!.

An evening out Saturday found me at my favourite curry house. I really ought to move in. Great to catch up with friends, relax, giggle and eat far too much of the giant Naan breads they give you! Dont get me started on the melt in the mouth lamb….

Feedback for Adultwork…Gents if you do come to see me i’d be really grateful if you could leave me some feedback, a sentence or 2 would be adequate. It only takes a minute. I know y’all want to keep me to yourself but come on now, think of your fellow gentlemen!

Signing off and wishing you all a great week,


India xxx


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Wee, willies and washing!…

I’m just putting it out there as apparently its not obvious to everyone! You may have had a shower in the morning but if you have since had a pee you will taste of pee! Now i absolutely love giving slow prolonged sensual oral, but if i head down South and i can taste wee it totally ruins the mood and makes me feel ill! You will not get the best out of me. You will be sent to the bathroom! And again if necessary!

So when i ask you on arrival if you need to use the bathroom, please do take a few minutes give yourself a wash (with soap which is supplied!), and make sure you pull your foreskin back (if you have any!) and gently wash yourself. I’m also a massive fan of playing and sucking on balls, but not sweaty ones! So while your there give them a wash too, with my lovely shower gel provided, as they do get sweaty! Trust me! You have probably never smelt your own balls have you! Lol. Dont bother putting your clothes back on because i will be waiting to pounce when you come out! Grrrr….

Trust me…its in your best intrests to make sure you are clean down below, you will get much more prolonged attention! In fact you may even ask if we can move on to something else as i do get carried away!

Rant over,

India 🙂

Working Sunday 1st Feb…

Hello Gentlemen,

I will be working Sunday 1st of February. I dont usually work Sundays so if Sunday is your only available day then come and have a sensual, passionate GFE with a sexy, gorgeous BBW.

10am – 6pmish.

Calls only please, texts and witheld numbers ignored,

India xxx