May bank holiday working hours…

Hello all,

I will be working as follows over the bank holiday weekend:

Saturday 2nd May 9am – 7:30pm
Sunday 3rd May N/A
Monday 4th May 9am – 3:30 (last hourly appt is 3:30).

Back to my usual working hours of 9am – 8pm Tuesday 5th May.



Big is Beautiful!…

Did anyone watch the Channel 4 programme Plus Size Wars last night…..I thought it was a really intresting watch.
I hadn’t heard of the bloggers that were in it, but have since found them on Twitter. I think its great how they are out there and showing other women that you can still look great even if you are a big girl! Tess Munster was featured in the programme, a size 22 model who is actually signed too an agency! Shes a beautiful girl, with tats and a big bum, she oozes sex appeal and confidence! She has really helped alot of young girls who have zero confidence and were bullied etc, that you can still be big and beautiful! Luckily i dont really have any body issues, i’m happy too get naked lol. Escorting does wonders for your confidence! I think as you get older you care less what people think.
I wish i had her fashion sense, i’m a bit clueless when it comes to putting outfits together and tend to stick to the same kind of boring stuff! Callie Thorpe was also featured, another big beauty!
I would love to be a plus size model, lets face it i am at my happiest parading about in my underwear 🙂 , but unfortunately being only 5ft 1″ (hey that inch makes all the difference as you well know!)…i stand no chance!!. One of the girls was 5ft 5″ and the agency said she was too short.

Its good to see that companies are realising theres always going to be larger ladies and bringing fashionable clothes to us! We had a Yours store open in Huddersfield last week, which is great. Before we only had Evans which is so dull, it really needs too gets its finger out and get with the times as there is much more nicer stuff available elsewhere!.


India xxx