Knee Update and Strictly….

Fabulous too have Strictly Come Dancing back on our screens! Finally something worth watching! I love Strictly season, Saturday nights a group of us gather at my friends as we all love the show. A take away and a few drinks will feature for sure. I missed the pairing up show as i was taking it easy in Croatia 🙂 Initial thoughts…..i really like Anita, Kellie and Peter. I hope Peter does well (I`m sure he will), it will annoy his ex Katie who seems kinda obsessed with him even after all these years. I`ll be honest i`d never heard of Jeremy Vine, but what a lovely gent, he really makes me smile. He cant dance for toffee, but hey he tries hard! I would love him as one of my clients! (like thats gonna happen! lol). Katie seems nice too and she can dance! Go Anton!. I like Jay aswell, although i think i preferred his long curly locks (he had them all cut off, too smarten him up for the ball room i think.
I was glad Iwan went last night, lets face it he isn`t very good and it is a dance competition. He tried hard and did his best, but was still pants unfortunately. I was kinda glad Jamelia was in the dance off too. I just cant warm too her after her comments on Loose Women that shops should not stock plus size clothing and we should be made to feel uncomfortable when we go into a shop and cant find our size. B****. Shes also rather full of herself.

During the week i went too see `Miss you already` at the cinema. Wasn`t that a fun evening out. Not. I am being sarcastic. We were all in tears (even me who is a bit stiff upper lip at times!). Its about 2 best friends and one of them gets breast cancer. Starring Drew Barrymore. Some of my clients have said i look like a plus size Drew Barrymore! Hey i`ll take that! She has gone back to her dark hair in this film, but when she was blonder i guess they mean.

KNEE UPDATE! Plenty of rest as instructed. Progress has been slow, but its much better than when i first did it. Unfortunatley i still cant offer cowgirl or doggy positions. I have managed to kneel for 5-10 mins but then when its gets uncomfortable i will ask you too change your position. Please be understanding, or hold off on booking until i`m recovered fully.

India xxx