Oh come on Santa i’ve not been that bad! ;))

I’ll be off the 25th to the 28th December.

29th December 9am – 6.30pm

30th December 9am – 6.30pm

31st December 9am – 5pm

1st January 2017 OFF

2nd January 9am -6.30…. (Back to normal!)….

Happy Christmas to all! See you soon!

India Rose xxx

Sunny Manchester Christmas break!..

I had a few days off this week and went to sunny Manchester! Actually it rained pretty much the entire time! There seems to be a theme developing as when i went a few years back it rained too, and i’m not talking a bit of drizzle! Luckily one was prepared this time! The little wooden huts selling Mulled wine etc at the Christmas market were a god send and make a good place to shelter! I love the Christmas markets. So much nicer to go during the week, as on a weekend its so packed your like sardines! (lesson learnt from last time!). We had a lovely hotel too. It had a smell of luxury just from entering inside! Huge Christmas tree in reception, which gets replaced i’m told halfway through December. The staff were so nice and helpful! (most unusual!). Lovely buffet breakfast too. Christmas shopping finished off check!

I’m working right up to the 24th December till about 2pm, so pop in!

Happy Christmas!

Love India xxx

December days off 2016!..


Please note i will be off on the following days:

Saturday 3rd December

Saturday 10th December (Only available 2pm-6.30pm).

Monday 12th December

Tuesday 13th December

24th December – I will be finishing at 1pm, and will be back to work Thursday 29th December at 9am.

31st December – Finishing at 4pm. Off New years day, then back to normal hours 2nd January.

India xxx