Be our guest, be our guest, be our guesstt!

Hope you are all well! I’m doing well too thanks for asking!

Those of you who know me well know i love going to the theatre. The latest show i saw was Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, not to be confused with Lord of the Dance. This was some kind of re-vamp. I was kind of expecting the old style Riverdance and Lord of the Dance type thing, you know the amazing Irish dancing and there feet going 19 to the dozen! I was incredibly disapointed! It was all very random! Men dressed up as robots, women dancing seductively, ripping off there dresses and prancing around in there underwear (ok so the men did cheer at that bit). The men also ripped off there vests (i felt like i was at a Chippendales show, not that i would know what thats like) 🙂 All done to a back drop of Unicorns, rainbows, green fields complete with a stream and some silly storyline. We did manage to stay till the end, in the hope it might get better, but it didn’t!. The little bit of Irish dancing they did was excellent, there just wasnt anywhere near enough! On the plus side the main male dancer was rather cute, and could certainly move his feet! Between you and me i use to have a crush on Michael Flatley, i saw him years ago in Lord of the Dance, you cant knock his feet, although god knows what he was thinking when he wrote this show! A delicious curry compensated, when in Bradford it would be rude not to i say!

I also went to see Beauty and the Beast (at the cinema). Although i couldnt help but think it would be amazing live on stage at the West End! Emma was great, she had such a lovely voice and is a great actress. All the songs were brilliant. I rather loved the Beast aswell! That deep voice and those piercing eyes! Really well made and funny in parts too. If you can put up with a cinema full of kids i’d recommend it! Or go to an evening viewing! I’d definitely like to watch it again when it comes out on DVD.

Just a heads up ill be off for Easter for the whole 4 days.

Ciao for now,

India xxx