Short break to Filey May 2017…

Just returned from a long weekend at Filey, we stayed at the same place as last year. The weather was pretty kind to us! The first 2 days were blue skies with a breeze, then dry but grey skies with a stronger breeze! Cobwebs most definitely blown away! Frankly i’m just grateful it didn’t pour the entire time!

We went up to Bemptom Cliffs Nature reserve, home to 250,000 seabirds. It really was quite a sight, i found it fascinating! I didn’t manage to see any Puffins, despite using binoculars! Although from the chatter i heard from others there were a few there. Did you know Puffins are the size of Pigeons, so not as big as you probably think. Hence why they are harder to spot!.

Went to Bridlington, mainly to see the kite festival. Was a nice spectacle to watch, nice to see all the children getting there first kite flying lesson with ‘Dad’. Not my fave place, but nice to tick off the list. I much prefer Filey.

Plenty of walking done along the cliff tops, lots of photos taken (zoom in on my pic to see all the birds on the cliff at Bempton), such stunning views! I just love being by the sea, watching the waves crash against the rocks.

Some good food eaten! Fish and Chips of course! Some of you recommended Inghams, it went down well! Also a delicious Indian meal at Monsoon as a birthday treat (not mine, although mine is coming up if you would like to treat me, have a look at my wishlist

Underwear vouchers also gratefully received! I like to buy it from Curvissa or Simply Be, sizing varies so i like to choose myself to get the best fit).

Got through some Dvd’s in the evenings, enjoyed all of them actually. Sully, Miracle on the Hudson, definitely worth a watch. Tom Hanks is ace. Still Alice, about a lady who gets Dementia in her forties. Sad but interesting, not for everyone though. Me before you, a love story, really good but sad too. Finally A Streetcat named Bob, seen it before, i enjoy it!

Highlight of the trip? I really loved Bempton cliffs, but then i also loved the cliff top walks, beach and fab scenery. Until next year…..

India xxx

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