Whitby Regatta and other musings…

I trotted off to Whitby for the Regatta yesterday. The weather was kind! Dry with some clouds, ill take that! A leisurely lunch was had at the Fishermans Wife. Delicious food, comfy seats and a view to die for! Thankyou very much! It was winner of the Best Fish and Chips in Whitby 2017, thats got to be a good sign i thought, and it was! Went up to the Abbey and had a mooch around. Lovely views from up there and i love the little garden you can walk around. There was no-one else in there so it was lovely and peaceful! Whitby town was especially packed with the Regatta being on. An ice cream had, its got to be a 99 with a flake in a tub for me! A wonder round, there were street performers including morris dancers of all things! I saw in the distance the North Yorks Birds of Prey stand, being an owl lover i made a be-line for it! Lots of `Ooohing` and `Ahhhing` followed! I was lucky enough to be able to hold Mrs Robinson, a European Eagle Owl, she was a beauty with a 6ft wing span and weighing in at 9lbs. She had the most amazing orange eyes.I have some pics but as i wasn`t wearing makeup i didn`t want to frighten ya`ll by posting them! You can see Mrs R in my collage below. A lovely day had!

Speaking of lovely things….i had a lovely overnight recently. I was taken to a lovely hotel out in the country. Wined on the terrace (well ok Vodka and Redbull for me!) with gorgeous views, a lovely meal had in a little pub. Then a lovely night (and morning 😉 ) of love making. I was ready for my full English in the morning! I was really well looked after and safely delivered home in the morning. The perfect gent!

Did anyone go to the Saxophone Massive event at The Piece Hall in Halifax? It was to celebrate its re-opening after its renovation. That was also a great night, although getting rained on not so much but hey-ho. The saxophones sounded brilliant! Got me thinking why cant i play an instrument! The players were all ages from 6yrs to sixty odd! I don`t know how the younger ones managed to hold the instrument!

I will be OFF Sept 7th to 11th. Back on the 12th available from 12….

India Rose xxxx