A date with a difference!….

I was recently asked if i would accompany a gentleman of mine, James, to an afternoon Birds of Prey Experience, followed by an overnight. With a love for owls in particular i did not hesitate! The setting was gorgeous, surrounded by green rolling hills. The experience was just James and i and a handler, so very personal. We were shown around the enclosures and introduced to around 30 plus different species of Birds of Prey including a Harris Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, American Kestrel, a Merlin, Snowy owl, Long eared owl and a European Eagle owl. All the different owls were just stunning. I thought i would be more interested in the owls, but actually i have a new found love and respect for all the birds. We were lucky enough to fly a Barn owl, African Eagle owl, Kestrel, Red Kite and even a Vulture! I can`t explain how amazing it feels to be so close so them and how it feels when they are flying towards your gloved hand! A brilliant experience that i will never forget.

Back to a lovely hotel where i thanked James in my own special way for inviting me on such a great date 😉 A delicious dinner was had in the pub next door. Being a classy bird that i am, i opted for the Trio of local sausage, mash, onion gravy and veg. I kid ye not they were the best sausages i have ever tasted! Working out a £5 a sausage so they should be! lol. Dessert was a Sticky Toffee pudding to share. It was Masterchef standard! So light and fluffy! We then retired back to the room for…………..well i`ll leave that to your imagination! The next morning i was fed and watered with a full English and driven safely home. James left with a huge smile and a spring in his step! Thankyou for inviting me! xxx

Filey trip!…

Just back from another break to Filey. I just love it there. Always find something new to do. This time we did a private tour of the Sealife Centre at Scarborough, which was pretty cool being the only people in there! Great to see all the different fish and animals. The experience also included going to the Seal hospital and feeding the seals which was great fun! Nice walk from the Sealife along Scarborough front. I love all the coloured beach huts.

We also went to Filey Bird and Animal Garden which is a brilliant little place. There were only a few couples wandering around so even better! I thought it would be over run with kids. I loved seeing all the different birds and animals. You could buy animal feed for 50p and feed the Goats, Sheep and Shetland Ponies. It was so tickly when they licked your hand! There was a greedy goat who snatched the entire bag of feed! lol. Must of seen us coming! I love anything that`s hands on like it was, i am a bit of a kid sometimes! They had gorgeous gardens to wander around too. I loved it!

Did lots of walking along the cliff top, the views are just stunning. I don`t mind walking with a view like that! Walked all the way along into Filey seafront one day, then sat and had a delicious lunch looking out to sea!

Went to Reighton Beach one day which was gorgeous, 5 miles of sandy beach. It was lovely and clean, although the cafe worker was saying how dirty it is in the height of summer with people dumping there rubbish and burying there barbecues! gross! There werent too many people there either, perfect!

Tried out an Italian restaurant that i`ve not been to before. The Calzone was lovely, if a little huge! And the Greeter was actually Italian, unusual these days! Obligatory Fish and Chips were also consumed and a curry too! Good job i walked alot! The weather was pretty good too, a few showers but it didn`t spoil our plans.

Had such a good time, unfortunately i bought a cold back with me. Apologies to those who i hav`nt been able to see and whose calls i have missed. I`m worth waiting for trust me! Feeling better today.

Hopefully i might get to Filey next year, although i am planning a trip abroad next year.

India Rose xxx