I’ve moved!…

Dear All,

Just to let you know i have moved! I am now a minutes drive from Asda at HD2. Its much more discreet and suitable for my needs. Its also modern with no cracks in the ceiling! It has its own parking space and there is parking on the street aswell.

I look forward to welcoming you all to my new place!

Please also note a few price changes in my rates section.


India xxx

Off galavanting to York this time….

I`ve been off galavanting again! This time to York with my customer James. Boy did we pack a lot in! We stayed at the gorgeous Principal Hotel, on arrival we were upgraded to a superior room, overlooking gardens and York Minster in the back ground! The room was heaven, the bathroom huge and the `tuck box` and bright red phone caused great excitement! (well for me!). The phone was one of those old style retro type ones where the dial turns, genius lol.The hotel was just beautiful. It was a shame to leave but off we went to the National Railway Museum. Now i must admit, i didn`t think i would be so interested in a train museum, but actually it was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Loads too look at, we even saw and sat on a Japanese bullet train! We did the Tim Peake virtual reality experience, where you wear these Samsung goggle type things. You feel like you’re in space, it was very cool!

We ate at Ask Italian which is in the Grand Assembly rooms, a very impressive place! The cocktails went down well, as did the Chocolate Etna desert! They pour hot toffee sauce over this cup made of chocolate at the table to reveal ice cream and a delicious fondant! A feast for the eyes and the stomach!

The next morning York Minster was on the agenda. It`s quite a few years since i have been, i had forgotten how stunning it is inside.

After some hinting, James took me to Yorks Chocolate story. It`s kind of a guided tour about the history of Yorks chocolate makers. Very interesting, and the samples slid down well! We got to get a bit creative with chocolate at the end which was fun! Walking and shopping followed, then a late fish n chip dinner before a leisurely drive home. A great day/overnight/day had! Thankyou James.