Christmas working hours…


I’ll be working the following over the festive period…

23rd OFF

24TH 9am – 4pm

25th and 26th OFF

27th 9am – 5:30pm

28th 9am – 7pm

29th 9am – 7pm

30th ADVANCE BOOKINGS ONLY, must be booked at least 48hrs before.

31st 9am – 3pm

1st January OFF

2ND Normal working hours resume.

Happy Christmas all!

India xxx

So good i saw it twice – Miss Saigon!

Wow! What a show! What a night! Not one i have seen before. I went Friday night to the Alhambra at Bradford and absolutely loved it, then my relative wanted to go and i was more than happy to go again, so i went Monday night too! The lead girl Kim, played by Sooha Kim was just outstanding! The story basically is set in the Vietnam war, a few days before Saigon is about to fall, and is about an orphan (Kim) who is working her first night as a prostitute. She falls in love with Chris (also brilliant performances!) an American G.I. It`s now up there with my favourite shows Phantom of the Opera and Le Miserables.

Its touring now, so if its coming near you i would totally recommend it! Have a meal and a few drinks = perfect night out!

India xxx

P.S Take some tissues!!

Croatia holiday…

I`m recently back from my Croatia holiday. Week one we spent on the island of Brac in a little village called Sutivan. It was lovely and quiet, had a harbour with about 5 restaurants and a supermarket etc. We had a lovely apartment with a sea view and it was a 3 minute walk to the nearest beach.

We did a couple of trips out, the first one to Omis, where we had time to wander and we took a smaller boat down the River Cetina, which was very pretty, followed by a fish lunch on the boat. The other was another boat trip to Solta, visiting the villages of Necujam and Stomorska, both lovely and enough time to have a walk around and a refreshing swim!

Week two we stayed in Arbanija on Ciovo, it use to be an island but now has a bridge connecting it. We had a fab apartment on the sea front looking over to Trogir and Split in the distance. The balcony was huge complete with sofa, armchairs,an umbrella and 2 sunbeds! When i got to hot i could nip across the road for a swim, and when i was peckish there was a lovely restaurant next door, of course with the same fab sea views!

We went into Trogir a few times, which is lovely to walk around the cobbled streets, sit and have lunch and watch the boats coming and going, i do love to people watch too! We also went to Split, which was nice too but rather busy, similar to Trogir just bigger and more crowded.

Had a brilliant day out to Krka to see the waterfalls (see collage). They are stunning and well worth a visit, go early to avoid the crowds!. The trip also included Roski Slap waterfalls and a visit to the town of Sibenik, but great.

Lots of time had to relax, swim, explore and people watch. The weather was mostly good, a few short showers and a thunderstorm one night.

Good to be back, feeling refreshed, have had some adorable new customers on my return!

Soon be Christmas eh πŸ™‚

India xxx

Five years a ho!…

Gosh i hope that`s the correct spelling, i`mΒ not referring to myself as a garden tool!, i am trying to say it`s my five year anniversary of being a ho, you know, a lady of the night, escort or whatever you want to call it. It was a few weeks ago actually but i`ve been pretty busy, this hot weather brings all the boys to the yard (or flat in my case). Where did the time go! I guess i should edit my website toΒ `Highly experienced` or something similar. I`m pretty sure i`m more than qualified! Thankyou gents for all the fun over the years, to my regulars, i appreciate you all!

I`ve attatched some of my favourite photos from my first visit to Chester Zoo. I love animals and taking photos, so it was a great day. Also had a wander round Chester which was nice.

Mama Mia! Has anyone been to see it? I suspect some of you will have been dragged kicking and screaming by your significant others! Well i absolutely loved it, you never know with sequel if there going to be any good do you, well it exceeded my expectations! I am currently playing the soundtrack to death in my bookings, let me know if you would like something more manly during our bookings lol. I love ABBA though!

Don`t forget i`ll be finishing August 24th at 1pm and back to work 10th September at 9am.


Fully qualified escort of five years xxx


Working hours..

Wednesday 18th July Finishing at 4:30.

Thursday 19th and Friday 20th July – Fully Booked.

Saturday 21st July Starting at 11am. Available to book from 9am on the phone..

India xxx

Filey short break…

With the weather so fab at the moment i went to Filey last minute. I love it over there. Fab hotel with a sea view, listening to the sound of the waves was so great! Lots of walking, went up to Filey Brigg, i love it up there. The coastline is just stunning. Went to Bempton Cliffs to see all the birds, this year i was lucky enough to see Puffins which was ace! I couldn`t spot any last year. Went up to Flamborough Head, had planned on going up the lighthouse but it was closed for painting, so instead had a walk along the cliff top, the views are fab and there were seals out on the rocks!! Well that made my day! Had a nice meal in the one and only restaurant up there.

Time spent on the beach, reverting back to my youth collecting shells and a bit of sand sculpting πŸ™‚

Went to my favourite bar which looks out to sea, i love it there. Compulsory fish and chips and ice creams had!

Feeling refreshed and happy to be back servicing you all πŸ˜‰

India xxx


War Horse, Manchester weekend…

Had a weekend in Manchester recently to celebrate a relatives special birthday. For once it didn`t rain! Spot of shopping as you do. We stayed near The Lowry at Salford in a lovely hotel with great views.

Lovely dinner at Marco Pierre Whites restaurant. Then we went to see War Horse. Wow. It was just brilliant! If its touring near you i would totally recommend going! We had wicked seats in the stalls just a few rows from the front. Very emotional in parts, i did have to stop myself shedding a tear! Salford looks so pretty at night time, i will definitely keep a look out for future shows there, now i know its such a nice theatre and area.

Tata for now,

India xxx

India goes international!…

Some pictures for you of my first recent trip abroad with a customer. Lisbon, Portugal was the destination, not somewhere i have been before.

Unfortunately we were really unlucky with the weather and had quite a bit of rain, but you make the best of it!

I loved Belem, with the Monument to the Discoveries and Belem tower, and the sun did shine most of that day! It was great walking along the river. Had the most amazing lunch there looking out over the river and the monuments. A moment that will stay with me forever.

Sintra Palace was also fabulous, that`s the colourful one in my photo.

Tata for now,

India xxx

Internet access!…

After waiting 6 weeks, having 3 engineers visit, 3 engineers on the phone and doing work externally, 10 + calls to a well know Broadband provider, I now have internet access! Yeahaaaa! God I have missed it!.

My new place has gone down really well with you, I really like it and am nicely settled. Now to start researching so I can start webcamming soon, watch this space…

India xxx





I’ve moved!…

Dear All,

Just to let you know i have moved! I am now a minutes drive from Asda at HD2. Its much more discreet and suitable for my needs. Its also modern with no cracks in the ceiling! It has its own parking space and there is parking on the street aswell.

I look forward to welcoming you all to my new place!

Please also note a few price changes in my rates section.


India xxx

Off galavanting to York this time….

I`ve been off galavanting again! This time to York with my customer James. Boy did we pack a lot in! We stayed at the gorgeous Principal Hotel, on arrival we were upgraded to a superior room, overlooking gardens and York Minster in the back ground! The room was heaven, the bathroom huge and the `tuck box` and bright red phone caused great excitement! (well for me!). The phone was one of those old style retro type ones where the dial turns, genius lol.The hotel was just beautiful. It was a shame to leave but off we went to the National Railway Museum. Now i must admit, i didn`t think i would be so interested in a train museum, but actually it was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Loads too look at, we even saw and sat on a Japanese bullet train! We did the Tim Peake virtual reality experience, where you wear these Samsung goggle type things. You feel like you’re in space, it was very cool!

We ate at Ask Italian which is in the Grand Assembly rooms, a very impressive place! The cocktails went down well, as did the Chocolate Etna desert! They pour hot toffee sauce over this cup made of chocolate at the table to reveal ice cream and a delicious fondant! A feast for the eyes and the stomach!

The next morning York Minster was on the agenda. It`s quite a few years since i have been, i had forgotten how stunning it is inside.

After some hinting, James took me to Yorks Chocolate story. It`s kind of a guided tour about the history of Yorks chocolate makers. Very interesting, and the samples slid down well! We got to get a bit creative with chocolate at the end which was fun! Walking and shopping followed, then a late fish n chip dinner before a leisurely drive home. A great day/overnight/day had! Thankyou James.


Valentines date with a difference 2018!

Well finally i was asked by a customer to go on a Valentines date this year! And i`veΒ got to say it was the best one ever! What did we do? Well apart from the obvious ;) we went trekking with Llamas! (no that`s not a typo!). It was brilliant! There was about 12 of us in the group. We were given a talk about Llamas which was really intresting, how to handle them etc. Then we stood round in a horse shoe shape and they bought the Llamas round so we could stroke them and i think to see how we reacted to them, as you are matched with a Llama to suit your personality! (yes they all have different personalities!).

I was matched with the beautiful Bertie, who is a bit sensitive, needs re-assurance and a confident lady. James my date was matched with Bolly, who likes a chat so they were very well suited! Each Llama has its own preferred place in line, for example Dobby likes to lead the pack whilst out on the trek and my Bertie likes to be 2nd/3rd only in line or he gets a bit skittish (as demonstrated when we fell into 4th position!).

We set off on the 1.5 mile trek, whilst the snow fell gently around us! The Llamas werent worried with there lovely thick coats. I chatted to Bertie as you do and re-assured him that i would look after him. James`s Llama chatted to him, i kid ye not, they make these funny little sounds!. The terrain was pretty muddy and slippy in places with some narrow paths to tackle, but the Llamas are use to it and just follow you. We stopped regularly so the Llamas could eat some grass and too take a few pictures. Once back at the farm a hot drink and cake was waiting for us (much needed it was blooming cold!). A brilliant time had, i highly recommend it! We checked into a hotel nearby with a four poster bed! It had an amazing log fire so we sat and had a nice drink, warmed up and chatted about our wonderful experience!

In the evening we had one of the most delicious meals i have ever eaten, like something off Masterchef! Such a great day and night had! One that i will never forget. Thankyou for inviting me James! :)


Kitty Cafe and The Ballet….

Had a lovely weekend, went to Leeds to the newly opened Kitty Cafe. It was so cool! There`s rope bridges, giant scratching posts, shelves a few feet from the ceiling going all the way along the wall so the cats/kittens can get away if they want too. Lovely looking cat beds, and really comfortable brightly coloured chairs to sit in. Your encouraged to wander around and stroke the cats (no picking up though). They also supply string so you can play with the cats. The cats must be in heaven! I think they will be pretty disappointed when they get adopted lol. A decent bit of cake was had too! If you are a cat lover you will love it!.

When in Leeds it would be rude not to go for a curry! Lovely meal had at my favourite curry place.

In the evening i went to see The Little Mermaid Ballet by The Northern Ballet at Leeds Grand. Wow. Just wow. It was brilliant. Just stunningly beautiful. The girl who played the Little Mermaid was just amazing! You could tell she was suppose to be `under the sea` even though there was no real water lol, and obviously they don`t speak. Such brilliant acting. Watching the girls on there tip toes! Blimey!. I`ve only ever seen one ballet before and that was The Nutcracker years ago. I highly recommend it!

I missed the Strictly final, but have since caught up with it. I am a tad disappointed at the result, i have been routing for Debbie or Gemma for weeks, but hey ho!

Christmas will soon be upon us!

India xxx

National Centre for Birds of Prey trip….

Had a fab trip out to the National Centre for Birds of Prey located in Dunscombe Park, Helmsley. It was a lovely scenic drive over, freezing cold, i think the temperature was around -1!. On the plus side there was hardly anyone there, so we did`nt have to wrestle to see the birds. There were so many different kinds to see, and plenty of owls which i adore. We watched a couple of flying demonstrations where they flew a Great Grey Owl (see pic), Brown Wood Owl, a Caracara and a couple of others who`s names escape me!Β 

Then back to the gorgeous bed and breakfast with the most gigantic bed i have ever seen, a couple of hours were spent warming up πŸ˜‰ The bedroom had one of those free standing baths! Plus a huge shower that could fit a lot of people in! I made use of the bath and took some photos which will be in my AdultWork gallery when i have had a sort through.

We went back to the Birds of Prey Centre for the evening owl event. A tour and info about the owls were given, we watched them flying the owls both inside and out and they even gave us a meal too!

Back to the posh bed and breakfast to warm up……again! πŸ˜‰ All that fresh air wore us out, i slept well in the gigantic comfortable bed! Morning shenanigans may have occurred πŸ˜‰ then a hearty full English Breakfast. We had a stroll around Helmsley, its got lots of lovely little shops, not high street ones, so you can find different kinds of gifts. My gentleman James treated me to a lovely bangle. A leisurely drive home was had, it was snowing lightly when we got closer to Huddersfield but not settling. Another great over night had!

India Rose xxx

December days off 2017….

I have a few things planned for December so will be off as follows…

Saturday 9th/ Sunday 10th December OFF

Saturday 16th/Sunday 17th December OFF

Finishing for Christmas break Saturday 23rd December at 4.30, returning to work Thursday 28th December from 9am.

Monday 1st January 2018 OFF

Back to normal working hours Tuesday 2nd January, available from 9am. Have attatched a few more seal pics from Donna Nook (please read previous blog!).

India xxx

A date with a difference!….

I was recently asked if i would accompany a gentleman of mine, James, to an afternoon Birds of Prey Experience, followed by an overnight. With a love for owls in particular i did not hesitate! The setting was gorgeous, surrounded by green rolling hills. The experience was just James and i and a handler, so very personal. We were shown around the enclosures and introduced to around 30 plus different species of Birds of Prey including a Harris Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, American Kestrel, a Merlin, Snowy owl, Long eared owl and a European Eagle owl. All the different owls were just stunning. I thought i would be more interested in the owls, but actually i have a new found love and respect for all the birds. We were lucky enough to fly a Barn owl, African Eagle owl, Kestrel, Red Kite and even a Vulture! I can`t explain how amazing it feels to be so close so them and how it feels when they are flying towards your gloved hand! A brilliant experience that i will never forget.

Back to a lovely hotel where i thanked James in my own special way for inviting me on such a great date πŸ˜‰ A delicious dinner was had in the pub next door. Being a classy bird that i am, i opted for the Trio of local sausage, mash, onion gravy and veg. I kid ye not they were the best sausages i have ever tasted! Working out a Β£5 a sausage so they should be! lol. Dessert was a Sticky Toffee pudding to share. It was Masterchef standard! So light and fluffy! We then retired back to the room for…………..well i`ll leave that to your imagination! The next morning i was fed and watered with a full English and driven safely home. James left with a huge smile and a spring in his step! Thankyou for inviting me! xxx

Filey trip!…

Just back from another break to Filey. I just love it there. Always find something new to do. This time we did a private tour of the Sealife Centre at Scarborough, which was pretty cool being the only people in there! Great to see all the different fish and animals. The experience also included going to the Seal hospital and feeding the seals which was great fun! Nice walk from the Sealife along Scarborough front. I love all the coloured beach huts.

We also went to Filey Bird and Animal Garden which is a brilliant little place. There were only a few couples wandering around so even better! I thought it would be over run with kids. I loved seeing all the different birds and animals. You could buy animal feed for 50p and feed the Goats, Sheep and Shetland Ponies. It was so tickly when they licked your hand! There was a greedy goat who snatched the entire bag of feed! lol. Must of seen us coming! I love anything that`s hands on like it was, i am a bit of a kid sometimes! They had gorgeous gardens to wander around too. I loved it!

Did lots of walking along the cliff top, the views are just stunning. I don`t mind walking with a view like that! Walked all the way along into Filey seafront one day, then sat and had a delicious lunch looking out to sea!

Went to Reighton Beach one day which was gorgeous, 5 miles of sandy beach. It was lovely and clean, although the cafe worker was saying how dirty it is in the height of summer with people dumping there rubbish and burying there barbecues! gross! There werent too many people there either, perfect!

Tried out an Italian restaurant that i`ve not been to before. The Calzone was lovely, if a little huge! And the Greeter was actually Italian, unusual these days! Obligatory Fish and Chips were also consumed and a curry too! Good job i walked alot!Β The weather was pretty good too, a few showers but it didn`t spoil our plans.

Had such a good time, unfortunately i bought a cold back with me. Apologies to those who i hav`nt been able to see and whose calls i have missed. I`m worth waiting for trust me! Feeling better today.

Hopefully i might get to Filey next year, although i am planning a trip abroad next year.

India Rose xxx