Fake reviews!….

I spotted a fake review about me so thought it best to clarify!….

I don`t offer CIM and never have done, i do this job and offer the services i do because i enjoy it. I do NOT offer services that i don`t enjoy. If you try to push boundaries and cum in my mouth, the booking will be terminated immediately and you will not be refunded!

I do not wear perfume in bookings, as an escort of 5 plus years i am well aware of basic rules like that! The only thing i wear is deoderant (obviously) so that must be what he could smell!

I moved in March 2018 to a lovely apartment, clean, spacious, big bathroom, with secure parking, in a discrete area. Its 100% improvement on where i was before, so to say otherwise is just made up.

Tata for now,

India xxx


Re-posting this blog from 2015, it seems some of you need a reminder! 😉

I’m just putting it out there as apparently its not obvious to everyone! You may have had a shower in the morning but if you have since had a pee you will taste of pee! Now i absolutely love giving slow prolonged sensual oral, but if i head down South and i can taste wee it totally ruins the mood and makes me feel ill! You will not get the best out of me. You will be sent to the bathroom! And again if necessary!

So when i ask you on arrival if you need to use the bathroom, please do take a few minutes give yourself a wash (with soap which is supplied!), and make sure you pull your foreskin back (if you have any!) and gently wash yourself. I’m also a massive fan of playing and sucking on balls, but not sweaty ones! So while your there give them a wash too, with my lovely shower gel provided, as they do get sweaty! Trust me! You have probably never smelt your own balls have you! Lol. Dont bother putting your clothes back on because i will be waiting to pounce when you come out! Grrrr….

Trust me…its in your best intrests to make sure you are clean down below, you will get much more prolonged attention! In fact you may even ask if we can move on to something else as i do get carried away!

Rant over,

India 🙂

Aruba Adventures…

Just back from an amazing trip to Aruba! We stayed on Eagle Beach at a gorgeous hotel right on the beach! (The number 3rd best beach in the world no less! Sorry am i rubbing it in!). The hotel has lovely gardens, great food, a spa, hammocks and palm trees galore, and the friendliest people ever, not just at the hotel. The pool was gorgeous and even had Iguanas walking about, i was fascinated by them and was up and down like a yoyo trying to get good photos (there`s a great one in my collage if i do say so myself!). There like mini dinosaurs!

The best day ever was when we were lucky enough to get tickets to go to the Renaissance Island to walk amongst and feed flamingos! A dream come true for me and something i will never forget! They just sauntered about whilst you were laying on your sunbed!. They are so graceful and beautiful.

We went on these Trike type things, like a motorbike at the front, but 2 wheels at the back and a nice comfy seat at the back for me. The tour took us round the island for 3 hours stopping at various points of interest like the California Lighthouse, Casibari Rock, Arashi Beach and the Alto Vista Church.

Another fun excursion was going on Atlantis the submarine! We saw plenty of fish, a ship wreck and even touched the ocean floor in the submarine, very cool!

We did a Catamaran and snorkelling trip too, it was nice being on the boat with the fab scenery, but the water was far to choppy for me to be able to snorkel properly!.

If you get the chance to go to Aruba go! Great all year round climate and a constant breeze which is nice, great food, beaches to die for, flamingos, giant cacti everywhere and very friendly people!

India xxx



February time off…


Please note i will be off :

Saturday 2nd February.

OFF 7th February and back to work Sunday 17th February from 11.30. Bookings must be made in advance for the Sunday. My wifi will be limited and i won`t have my work phone, so please email me instead and i will respond when i can.


India xxx