Fake reviews!….

I spotted a fake review about me so thought it best to clarify!….

I don`t offer CIM and never have done, i do this job and offer the services i do because i enjoy it. I do NOT offer services that i don`t enjoy. If you try to push boundaries and cum in my mouth, the booking will be terminated immediately and you will not be refunded!

I do not wear perfume in bookings, as an escort of 5 plus years i am well aware of basic rules like that! The only thing i wear is deoderant (obviously) so that must be what he could smell!

I moved in March 2018 to a lovely apartment, clean, spacious, big bathroom, with secure parking, in a discrete area. Its 100% improvement on where i was before, so to say otherwise is just made up.

Tata for now,

India xxx