Five years a ho!…

Gosh i hope that`s the correct spelling, i`m not referring to myself as a garden tool!, i am trying to say it`s my five year anniversary of being a ho, you know, a lady of the night, escort or whatever you want to call it. It was a few weeks ago actually but i`ve been pretty busy, this hot weather brings all the boys to the yard (or flat in my case). Where did the time go! I guess i should edit my website to `Highly experienced` or something similar. I`m pretty sure i`m more than qualified! Thankyou gents for all the fun over the years, to my regulars, i appreciate you all!

I`ve attatched some of my favourite photos from my first visit to Chester Zoo. I love animals and taking photos, so it was a great day. Also had a wander round Chester which was nice.

Mama Mia! Has anyone been to see it? I suspect some of you will have been dragged kicking and screaming by your significant others! Well i absolutely loved it, you never know with sequel if there going to be any good do you, well it exceeded my expectations! I am currently playing the soundtrack to death in my bookings, let me know if you would like something more manly during our bookings lol. I love ABBA though!

Don`t forget i`ll be finishing August 24th at 1pm and back to work 10th September at 9am.


Fully qualified escort of five years xxx