Short break to Filey!…

Just back from a short break to Filey. We arrived in the afternoon and there was a couple of short down pours, then it turned into a lovely evening! Perfect for an evening cliff top stroll. Then the next 3 days were hot and sunny with beautiful blue skies! I know! I couldn’t believe it either! I’d packed wellies and long sleeve tops, thinking it would be grey and blowing a gale, and it was quite the opposite! Had to buy a hat and suncream! My poor face is sunburnt under all my makeup! Lovely not to have to set an alarm and have a cooked breakfast every morning! Lots of seafront and cliff top walks, drinks and ice creams stops! Caught a bus into Scarborough, i much preferred it down at the North Bay away from the arcades. Beautiful beach. People were very friendly too! Although that might be because we had a dog with us, she loved playing on the beach and having a dip! The number of times we were stopped for a natter and dog petting requests lol.

My favourite part of the holiday was doing the cliff top walk from where we were based to Filey beach, which i believe is about 2.5 miles. Although doing it on the hottest day of the year it felt about 4 miles! The scenery is just stunning! I really had never realised just how beautiful an area this is! I have some gorgeous photos, you could easily think they were taken in Greece or somewhere! Not good ol’ Filey! In future i will not turn my nose up at East Coast holidays! I feel a yearly ritual coming on! I am a creature of habit after all!

Until next time,

India Rose xxx