Valentines date with a difference 2018!

Well finally i was asked by a customer to go on a Valentines date this year! And i`ve got to say it was the best one ever! What did we do? Well apart from the obvious ;) we went trekking with Llamas! (no that`s not a typo!). It was brilliant! There was about 12 of us in the group. We were given a talk about Llamas which was really intresting, how to handle them etc. Then we stood round in a horse shoe shape and they bought the Llamas round so we could stroke them and i think to see how we reacted to them, as you are matched with a Llama to suit your personality! (yes they all have different personalities!).

I was matched with the beautiful Bertie, who is a bit sensitive, needs re-assurance and a confident lady. James my date was matched with Bolly, who likes a chat so they were very well suited! Each Llama has its own preferred place in line, for example Dobby likes to lead the pack whilst out on the trek and my Bertie likes to be 2nd/3rd only in line or he gets a bit skittish (as demonstrated when we fell into 4th position!).

We set off on the 1.5 mile trek, whilst the snow fell gently around us! The Llamas werent worried with there lovely thick coats. I chatted to Bertie as you do and re-assured him that i would look after him. James`s Llama chatted to him, i kid ye not, they make these funny little sounds!. The terrain was pretty muddy and slippy in places with some narrow paths to tackle, but the Llamas are use to it and just follow you. We stopped regularly so the Llamas could eat some grass and too take a few pictures. Once back at the farm a hot drink and cake was waiting for us (much needed it was blooming cold!). A brilliant time had, i highly recommend it! We checked into a hotel nearby with a four poster bed! It had an amazing log fire so we sat and had a nice drink, warmed up and chatted about our wonderful experience!

In the evening we had one of the most delicious meals i have ever eaten, like something off Masterchef! Such a great day and night had! One that i will never forget. Thankyou for inviting me James! :)